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Best TV Repair and Installation services In Hyderabad

Television Repair Services

Television Repair Services In Hyderabad

Repair and Service

Repair/not Working:
249/- visiting charges.
Below 42in Rs:499/-, above 42in Rs:549/-
Spare part(s) cost extra

6 Months Warranty On Repair's

Top Rated Television or TV Repair Expert Near You Just @249/- Get 6 Months Repair Guarantee. Best TV Installation Service in hyderabad Book Your Convenient Time Slots. We Undertake All Brand Television or TV Repair Services like LG, Samsung, SONY etc…

Customer’s to know

  • Six months warranty is given from our behalf
  • Finish your work within 72 hours of maximum
  • Service/labour charges is only 399/-
  • Spare parts used by our experts are 100% genuine
  • You can check the condition of your machine, before paying the money
  • Do not forget to take the bill after completion of work
  • Ask our expert to clarify all of the doubts you have
  • You can ask about the precautions to give your machine a good service
  • You should ask the expert how much it will cost after the inspection
  • You may contact the phone number shown above when any problems arise from our expert
  • It is not our responsibility to do things that are not experted by us
  • The bill copy should be carefully preserved for six months
  • You have to pay for spare parts when you have to do a different job at the time of warranty.
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours for arrange same expert to you, during warranty period.
  • Our parts will only change when we have to change spare parts. We are not responsible for your spare parts.
  • Give some time to our expert to find out what the problem of your machine is.
  • Follow the advices of expert given to you.
  • After the warranty time, no warranty can be issued from our side.
  • We will not be responsible for any previous physical damages.
  • If you don’t want service after inspection, you will have to pay a minimum of visiting charges 249/-only.
  • Cheque , credit and debit cards are not accepted.
  • Once you have charged for spare part(s), will not be refunded.

Visit us at Serves24 and it is now the right time to fix the issues on your television!

One of the most important electrical appliances that are found in most houses worldwide is the television. It has become an important and unavoidable device in every house. Modern televisions are not only the factor of entertainment but also informative and accessible to the internet as well. When there are so many benefits over the television, there is also a downside where it gets repaired and this brings the needs of the tv services. When it comes to a new model of LED and LCD television, the repairs are found commonly. However, do not worry! We at Serves24 are here to offer you the top-notch service with the repair and service of the television. You can contact us at any time and we are ready to serve you.

What are the instances that you can contact us?

  • When your television does not picture it: when you are on the television, you will probably expect to find something on the screen. When you do not find anything on the screen, it is an issue and we will help you to solve the issue. We have experience of fixing the issue even for the television that has more than 30 years of history.

  • When your television does not have any sound: unless you are watching some silent movies, the sound is the most important component of the television. If you find that your television is not good at the sound, you can contact us and we will fix the issue.

  • When the TV shuts down frequently: it will be disappointing when you are finding the blue screen in between the show. In this case, you need to restore the picture completely. Just call us and we will help in fixing the issue.When you get the message as no signal frequently: getting no signal is the next thing that will make you irritated. So, this requires help from the electronic hospital and our experts are here to offer you help with it.

  • When your TV gets shut off automatically: one common issue that we work with on the television is the TV getting shut off more often. How do you feel when your television gets shuts off when you are watching your favorite show? We will help you to fix the issue.

Why should you contact us?

  • We have years of experience in working with different brands of television
  • Our experts have updated knowledge with the new technology and television that will work on the recent technologies
  • All our services will be round the clock and we will also offer you the services with the reasonable cost
  • We offer doorstep services and so we need not spend energy on repairing the devices

Contact us now to fix the issue

Television has become the most important aspect of the entertainment field. Understanding the importance of it, we are here to fix the issues and restore the running condition of the television. It might be any issues, just contact us for any brands like lg tv repair in Hydrabad and we are here to offer you the necessary solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are charges for repair?

Serves24 will charge Rs.399/- maximum for service/labor charges. Incase spare part(s) needed, customer needs to be bare spare part(s) charges.

2. Which quality of spare parts will use by Serves24?

Serves24 will provide 100% genuine spare parts to our customers.

3. Who will bring the spare parts when customers required?

Serves24’s experts will bring the spare parts to customer’s doorstep.

4. How Server24 will provide warranty to customer’s product?

Serves24 is providing 3 types of warranty to the customers.
-> 6 Months warranty on repair
-> 90 days warranty on General service and Installation
-> 30 days warranty on visiting charges.

5. If customer paid only visiting charges what is warranty time?

If customer paid only visiting charges, this will be applicable under 30 days warranty period.

6. Who is service expert and how can customer believe ?

him/her. Service expert is a partner of Serves24 and Service expert is not permanent employee of Serves24. However, Serves24 will check all background verification and trusted.

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