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Best Microwave Oven Repair Services In Hyderabad

Microwave Oven Services

microwave-oven Repair Services In Hyderabad

Repair and Service

Repair/not Working:
249/- visiting charges.
Spare part(s) cost extra

6 Months Warranty On Repair's

Spare Part Cost Rate / Price Service Chargecost
Magnetron 1850 399
HV Diode 450 399
HV Transformer 2200 399
HV capacitor 850 399
Bulb 149 399
Turn Table Motor 799 399
Coupler 199 399
Glass Turn Table 999 399
Mica Sheet 349 399
Door Latch 549 399
Door Switch 349 399
Switch Membrane/ Inlet panel Repair 1199 399
PCB Repair 1199 399
Fuse 5 / 15 AMP 50 399
Timer 549 399
TCO 349 399
Grill Heater Actual 399
Conv Heater Actual 399
Smart oven Grill Heater 1649 399
Cavity Sensor 549 399
Fan Motor 749 399
Roller 249 399
Fan Blade Metal 349 399
Power Cord 349 399
Power 3 Pin plug Top 150 399
Door Hing 349 399
Bulb Holder 80 399
PCB New Actual 399
LVT 549 399
Timer Knob 100 399
Fan Blade 99 399
Selector Switch 549 399

No interruption for your cooking with the working of the microwave overdue to repair, we are here to fix it!

The microwave oven is found in most of the houses worldwide. This is a great device for people when they need to cook some food quickly and easily. This will be better to be accessible for your family that will truly be the substitute from modern technology. This will be extremely efficient in different cases like electricity, and efficiency to work.

However, when you need to maintain the microwave in the proper care, you need to monitor them with proper service. We at Serves24 are serving these needs and you can contact us at any time. Our technicians are waiting to help you with the proper care of your microwave.

Types of microwave oven we can work with

  • Countertop: This will be available in different sizes and wattages. However, these will take up the more valuable counter space and it will not offer the ventilation system. We have experience in working with these popular types of the microwave oven.
  • Over the range: these appliances models combine a microwave oven and the range hood for some features like space-saving and functionality. Our technicians are more familiar with these types of devices and the common these devices might lead to.
  • Drawer style: these are installed below the counter or wall over and it will follow the style of sliding out. Their height makes it more convenient for your kitchen and the members of the family. We are experts in repairing such types of microwave ovens.
  • Built-in: these blend in seamlessly with cabinetry and feature a drop-down door like the same that appears in the conventional microwave oven. These are typically installed over the stoves in most houses.

When should you reach us?

  • When the microwave is not operating

  • When you find any sparkles in the microwave oven

  • When the food kept inside do not gets heats up

  • When the turntable is not working

  • When the touchpad is working only intermittently

The parts of the microwave that has to be replaced

  • Switches
  • Lights
  • Fan motors
  • Diodes
  • Drive bushings
  • Capacitors
  • Fuses
  • Tray motors
  • Stirrer belts
  • Magnetrons

How are we unique from the other services?

  • We will offer the services at any time and place, which will not require you to spend time or energy
  • We will offer you the best service with the most reasonable charge
  • Our experts will reach with the necessary things to fix the repair and so single visit will fulfill the needs of the repair and services
  • We can also replace certain parts if needed and all those parts will be high in quality and match with your microwave oven

Time to look for our services

So, you have now understood about our services. When your microwave is not working or has any issues with it, you can contact us immediately at Serves24. As an lg microwave oven repair in Hyderabad, we are surviving here to serve you!

Customer’s to know

  • Six months warranty is given from our behalf
  • Finish your work within 72 hours of maximum
  • Service/labour charges is only 399/-
  • Spare parts used by our experts are 100% genuine
  • You can check the condition of your machine, before paying the money
  • Do not forget to take the bill after completion of work
  • Ask our expert to clarify all of the doubts you have
  • You can ask about the precautions to give your machine a good service
  • You should ask the expert how much it will cost after the inspection
  • You may contact the phone number shown above when any problems arise from our expert
  • It is not our responsibility to do things that are not experted by us
  • The bill copy should be carefully preserved for six months
  • You have to pay for spare parts when you have to do a different job at the time of warranty.
  • It takes 24 to 48 hours for arrange same expert to you, during warranty period.
  • Our parts will only change when we have to change spare parts. We are not responsible for your spare parts.
  • Give some time to our expert to find out what the problem of your machine is.
  • Follow the advices of expert given to you.
  • After the warranty time, no warranty can be issued from our side.
  • We will not be responsible for any previous physical damages.
  • If you don’t want service after inspection, you will have to pay a minimum of visiting charges 249/-only.
  • Cheque , credit and debit cards are not accepted.
  • Once you have charged for spare part(s), will not be refunded.

Types of issue in Microwave oven

Types of issue in Microwave oven

1. Not warming issues
2. Buttons not working
3. Turn table plate not turning
4. Bulb/light on during door open
5. Bulb/light off during door close
6. Sparking inside the machine during runnig

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are charges for repair?

Serves24 will charge Rs.399/- maximum for service/labor charges. Incase spare part(s) needed, customer needs to be bare spare part(s) charges.

2. Which quality of spare parts will use by Serves24?

Serves24 will provide 100% genuine spare parts to our customers.

3. Who will bring the spare parts when customers required?

Serves24’s experts will bring the spare parts to customer’s doorstep.

4. How Server24 will provide warranty to customer’s product?

Serves24 is providing 3 types of warranty to the customers.
-> 6 Months warranty on repair
-> 90 days warranty on General service and Installation
-> 30 days warranty on visiting charges.

5. If customer paid only visiting charges what is warranty time?

If customer paid only visiting charges, this will be applicable under 30 days warranty period.

6. Who is service expert and how can customer believe ?

him/her. Service expert is a partner of Serves24 and Service expert is not permanent employee of Serves24. However, Serves24 will check all background verification and trusted.

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